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Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension




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HOMOFEN-P is the fusion of Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension that helps to lower the body temperature and also reduces the pain and inflammation in both infants and children. This suspension works by blocking the action of a chemical messenger that is known to cause the problem of fever and inflammation. This medication works by blocking the action of a chemical messenger that is known to cause fever and inflammation.

Aceclofenac from this medication works to reduce the pain and inflammation in various conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc. Paracetamol is a common painkiller that is used to treat aches and pains of various kinds. They may also be used to reduce the high temperature when used with some other painkillers and anti-sickness medicines. 


Uses of Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension

  • It is used to treat fever and reduce the increased temperature.
  • This suspension is also utilized in relieving pain.
  • Some additional symptoms of fever are also treated by using this medication.


Side Effects 

Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension may cause some common side effects which aren’t serious in nature as they go away with time as the body starts to adjust to the medication.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite


Directions For Use

  • The adherence must be made to the guidelines which are given by the concerned healthcare expert.
  • This syrup can be given after having a meal as it will help in its better digestion and working.
  • Try giving this medication at the same time every day as it will make sure that the individual doesn’t forget to take it.


Safety Precautions

  • Don’t use this medication more than the recommended quantity.
  • There are some chances of the side effects being increased due to reasons and of which one may face some problems.
  • Also, make sure to follow the guidelines regarding the time when this medication is to be consumed.
  • In case the child vomits it within 30 minutes of giving it, then give the same dose to the child but in case it’s the time for the next dose, then skip the same.
  • Before giving the medication, tell the healthcare expert if the child is having any issues regarding allergy, or to any other product or medicine.
  • The same must be told to the doctor if the child has a history of heart problems, birth defects, liver disease, or kidney diseases.


Contact For Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension Manufacturing And Supply

Abigail Healthcare is a well-known pharma company that is acknowledged as the leading Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension manufacturer and supplier in India. We are doing the manufacturing work as per the norms set by different regulatory authorities and all the offered products are approved by DCGI & FSSAI. The machines that we make use of are of hi-tech nature and regular lubrication is being done on all of them. We are a reputed pharma manufacturer and supplier of Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 Is It Saffe To Use Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension?

Using this medication is safe for almost all the patients but still one may tell the concerned doctor about having any health ailment.

2 Can Stomach Pain Be Relieved By Using Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension?

No, this Suspension doesn’t work to solve the problem of stomach pain.

3 What Are The Common Side Effects Of Using This Suspension?

Some of the common side effects include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

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