Dermatology and Cosmetic Franchise Business Opportunity at Abigail Healthcare

Abigail Healthcare Pharmaceutical is an amalgamated, licensed Pharma Company, formulating an extensive collection of quality, effective Dermatology medicine range. We are open to Associate with young Pharmaceutical Professionals in PAN India.

The skincare product industry remains always at the hike and higher demand for Cosmetic or Derma Product in the marketplace. To fulfill this demand, lots of Pharma Companies took place and has introduced. Amongst all, Abigail Healthcare pharmaceutical is the rising name. The company is supplying exceptional quality Dermatology medicines such as Anti Allergic, Antiacne, Antifungal, Moisturising / Cleansing Lotion, etc. We follow the strict quality parameters as suggested by a dermatologist, who has sound knowledge Of GMP-WHO Quality Norms. Now, with the mission to expand our business boundaries, we have come up with Derma PCD Franchise Opportunity in India.

Abigail Healthcare formulates its product range in a wide independent manufacturing unit. Later, it passes through multiple layers of quality, thus we believe our work ethic, transparency, and smooth manufacturing make us the best Dermatology company to associate with us. Therefore, grab this opportunity now to reap the benefits of the Pharmaceutical Franchise Business. For detailed information about our Dermatology franchise business opportunity in India, feel free to contact us anytime on +91 - 9855445073 and write us on

Abigail Healthcare Pharmaceutical - Trusted Name of Derma Range

Abigail Healthcare Pharmaceutical is a Company that has a determination to serve the people of India with quality medications for patients in Pan India. We are trying to respond to the vast need for Derma Medicines in the country. We owe all our success to the scientists and other employees who back up our research. You can trust us for impeccable Franchise services in the Pharmaceutical Market.

  • And, we have gained the recommendation of doctors from all around India.

  • Also, we are a Company with a satisfied clientele.
  • A number of Pharma Franchise Members are connected to our company who are happy with our support in the competitive market.

Vast Scope of Investment on Derma Franchise Business

In today’s fast-paced world, no one has enough time to take care of their bodies. Owing to pollution and factors like the UV rays of the Sun, a phenomenon of a dermatological downgrade is taking place. This is why the opportunity of Pharma Franchise for Derma Medicines has become so popular. Due to the increase in demand, the market size of the Dermatology is expanding at a fast rate.

  • The Market size of the Derma products was estimated at a total of USD 20 billion in the year 2015.
  • This size is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of about 7.73% over the span of 2015-2022.
  • Therefore, the value of this market is soon to be at a monetary term of USD 33.3 billion in the year 2022.

List of Dermatology Medicine Range

Our Dedicated Manufacturing team brings the one-stop platform for all kinds of Derma Medicine. We cover up almost every skin related problem by providing the best product & medicine to cure. Our all derma product range covers all product segments like tablets, capsules, Ointment, cream, gel, lotions, etc. Find out the list of Dermatology, we are offering at best prices:

  • Anti Allergic Range
  • Antifungal Range
  • Steroid Creams
  • General Products
  • Scalp Application
  • Anti Seborrheic
  • Steroids & Steroids Combinations
  • Cleansers
  • Antibiotics
  • Cleansing Lotion etc.
  • Anti Ance
  • Antiance
  • Antiviral
  • Facewash
  • Haircare Range
  • Moisturizing Cream
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Skin Lightening
  • Sun Screen Lotion
  • Why Choose Us For PCD Franchise Business?

    Abigail Healthcare Pharmaceuticals is the most rapidly growing Derma Company which has shown great competence in Skincare products Franchise. Being one of the demonstrated Derma Range PCD Companies, we have an impactful existence in the dermatology sector. In fact, our establishment stands for capability, purity, protection, and affordability of skin-care, and hair-care products that are made approachable to the customers through Pharma franchise model.

    • Invaluable Monopoly Benefits: As the Best Dermatology Pharmaceutical Company, we have enough experience in the market to the benefits of Monopoly-Based PCD Franchise. Therefore, we provide these to give you full permission to conduct business with reduced competition in the market.
    • Extensive Marketing Support: Marketing done the right way can cause a great surge in the sales of medicines. Therefore, we make sure to invest a great sum in the proper marketing with promotional inputs like calendars, diaries, posters, visiting cards, MR bags, and also E-Visual promotion.
    • The promise of Quick Delivery: Here at Abigail Healthcare Pharmaceutical, we believe in 100% satisfaction with our business partners. Therefore, we always strive to provide prompt deliveries of our vast line of Skin and Haircare solutions that are packaged in the leakage-proof materials.

    Top Benefits of being Our Pharmaceutical Franchise Partner

    • We have GMP-WHO Approved Manufacturing Units
    • Sound Understanding of developing quality medicine
    • An active Research & Development Department
    • Flawless, breakage and leakage proof packaging
    • Reliable Distributions channel
    • Vast Product Portfolio at one spot
    • Cost Effective Medicine Range
    • Variety of Promotional Inputs
    • Free Marketing Backup and Support
    • Monopoly Based Pharma Franchise Opportunity
    • 24x7 Customers Support
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