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Nadifloxacin Cream



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Nadagail contains Nadifloxacin Cream which is used for treating wide varieties of skin infections. Mostly, it is used for a skin infection caused by bacteria.

This composition is a broad-spectrum quinolone antibiotic that is effective in treating acne and skin infections. It works by restricting the protein which is necessary for the survival of bacteria and this cream destroys that protein. Nadifloxacin Cream is also used for healing wounds and minor cuts where it performs by removing the bacterial infection which stops the wound from healing.

Precautions For Nadifloxacin Cream

Nadifloxacin Cream should be applied on outer skin only after cleaning and drying the skin with a clean cloth. Apply daily for a better result but first, take advice from the skin specialist about its more usage.

It may contain an inactive substance that maybe not suited to some skins. Excessive use of this cream can lead to significant side effects, so use as directed by a Physician. It is only used externally and for medical purpose. Do not go outside after applying it and let the doctor know if there is any allergic reaction.

Side Effects of Nadifloxacin Cream

Nadifloxacin Cream does not contain any serious side effects, however, in some cases, it reacts opposite to its work and makes the condition of the skin worse. This is exceptional and happens very rarely but consultancy from the skin doctor is a must.

  • Itching
  • Skin burning
  • Redness on the skin
  • Irritation

Contact For Nadifloxacin Cream Manufacturing and Supply

Abigail Healthcare, One of the most trustworthy companies in the dermatology market, providing PCD Derma franchise for Nadifloxacin Cream as well as we are a top supplier and manufacturer of Nadifloxacin Cream. We come in the list of top derma companies, which are totally focused on manufacturing top quality products and well known for genuine deals. Our company is an ISO certified and follows all guidelines set by the World Health Organisation to match the international standard of the product.

  • Our plants are located in duty-free areas, which makes the price of the product pocket friendly.
  • We manufacture the product by using advanced equipment which is capable to produce bulk of the products in a span of time.
  • Our company has the best logistics services, we provide safe and on-time delivery of the product.
  • The research team works on bringing new formulation as per the requirement of the market to stay tuned in the market.

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