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Fexogail consists of the formulation of Fexofenadine Tablets, which is an antihistamine used in treating skin allergy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, hives, and itching. Additionally, it helps to remove the signs of itchiness, rashes, redness and swelling on the skin. The Fexofenadine tablets work by blocking certain chemical substances known as histamine that stops the production of allergic reactions and viral diseases such as fever. It is the best medicine for curing severe allergies.

Precautions For Fexofenadine Tablets

The Fexofenadine tablet is mostly taken by adults and adolescents, and it can be taken orally with or without food by swallowing in a cup of water or taken directly with the water. This medicine can be used for a long time period or as prescribed by a doctor. One should not take this drug if the patient is pregnant or suffers from any stomach problem, kidney infection, liver issue, etc.

Side Effects Of Fexofenadine Tablets

Fexofenadine tablets may cause some side effects which need to be kept in mind. Such as headache, drowsiness, sickness, (nausea), dizziness etc may be occurred after taking this. Let the doctor’s know if the condition gets worse.

Contact For Fexofenadine Tablets Manufacturer And Supplier

Abigail Healthcare has established itself as a perfect platform to get quality derma products. The company is ISO certified and works for curing several skin disorders of society. Our company is a well known third party Fexofenadine tablets manufacturer and supplier in India. We are teamed up with the well educated and experienced staff that has been putting their every single effort into making our company more reliable. We also offer PCD Derma Franchise for Fexofenadine tablets along with various lucrative.

  • We work as per the norms laid by WHO and GMP in order to match the global standard of the products.
  • Since we are equipped with an outstanding logistics team, we are able to deliver the products in a given time.
  • We have a wide range of DCGI and FSSAI approved derma products at unbeatable prices.
  • The R & D team brings the latest products with the help of the sales team by knowing the market demand.

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