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Calamine, Aloe Vera & Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion



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Abical is a combination of Calamine, Aloe Vera & Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion which is very useful for the overall benefit of the skin of an individual. It is used for many forms of skin-related problems like insect bites, eczema, itching, and is also very effective for increasing the elasticity of the skin. This lotion also has various antiseptic and antipruritics properties which makes it the first choice of many people in order to get rid of various forms of skin problems that may happen due to different reasons.

Out of all the present ingredients. Calamine works to soothe and protect the inflamed and irritated skin. Aloe Vera is already a very well-known herb that is reputed for a good number of properties like skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, as well some antibacterial action. This Calamine, Aloe Vera & Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion very well heals the skin, moisturizes it, and improves its elasticity also. It is also being used in the skin problem called dermatitis which is characterized by a skin part that becomes irritated.


Uses of Calamine, Aloe Vera & Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion

Calamine, Aloe Vera & Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion is very useful in various types of skin-related problems that one may face due to some reason. Its scope covers problems like itching and pruritus, insect bites, skin allergy, eczema and rashes, chickenpox, sunburn, etc.

  • Being used in many kinds of skin-related problems like eczema and many more.
  • It nourishes the skin and also helps it to remain hydrated so that the individual’s skin remains in good form.
  • It helps in doing its anti-inflammatory action to the skin of its user.
  • It also has some form of antibacterial activity.
  • It properly hydrates the skin which has become dry due to some underlying skin problem.
  • Paraffin acts as an emollient in order to prevent the dryness of the skin.
  • This lotion also helps to treat the itching that may be caused due to sunburn or rashed.


Side Effects Of Calamine, Aloe Vera & Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion

Calamine, Aloe Vera & Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion is safe to be used when used as per the instruction given on the label of the product. It should be used as per the direction of the concerned doctor. In some cases, it can cause some mild side effects which can’t be ignored and should be treated immediately. Following are some of the common side effects which can be seen by using this lotion.

  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Serious allergic reaction(rare)
  • Swelling


Directions For Use

  • First of all wash and clean the face properly and afterward use this lotion.
  • Take a small amount of it on the palms and then rub it in between the hands and apply it to the affected area.
  • Massage it in a circular motion for maximum penetration.
  • This lotion should be used on a regular basis so that the skin remains hydrated for a long period of time and it will prevent its drying out very easily.
  • Make sure to follow all the given instructions of the concerned healthcare expert so that the maximum amount of benefit can be obtained easily.


Safety Precautions

  • Make sure to keep this lotion away from direct sunlight that is far from any kind of moisture and is out of reach of children.
  • Let the doctor know if the individual using this product is having any other medical issues.
  • Using more quantities other than the prescribed one isn’t advised as it can cause certain side effects.
  • Also, tell the doctor if the user is allergic to any of its ingredients or to any other medication.
  • If the individual using this medication is pregnant or breastfeeding then also a doctor’s advice should be taken.

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Calamine 8.0% w/v, Aloe Vera 10.0% w/v & Light Liquid Paraffin 10%

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