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Best Derma Franchise Company in Haryana- Skincare industry is one of the flourishing markets in the world where you can invest for a good return. The market covers all the medicines to products that have been in good demand throughout the year. If you intend to start your own business in West India then start with the best Derma Franchise Company in Haryana, Abigail Healthcare. Our company has DCGI approved derma products that bring you good results. We are a well-known Derma Pharma Franchise Company in India that is wholly known for supplying good quality skincare products and dermatological drugs in Haryana.

The demand for skincare products and derma range is on a hike in Haryana. Most of the people are tackling with eczema, psoriasis, acne, Blister, etc. Looking at the health conditions of the state, we planned to start our Best Derma Franchise Company in Haryana. We have an extensive range of skincare and derma medicines that are available at reasonable prices. Along with it, we are also providing a business opportunity to all the pharma representatives, wholesalers, retailers, etc. who are seeking for a platform.

Best Derma Franchise Company in Haryana


We are inviting people who want to start their own venture in Haryana for the Derma PCD franchise with the best derma company in India. Abigail Healthcare provides you better business opportunities, good scope in the derma market and attractive deals in Karnal. By calling at +91 9855445073, +91 6269063333 or you can also leave us an email at

Abigail Healthcare Brings Best Quality Assured Derma Products

Abigail Healthcare is a trusted name in the field of derma products. We provide fine quality and safe drug solutions for skin problems. Our product deals with skin problems like acne, sunburn, pimples, fungal infections, hair loss, psoriasis, etc. Our mission is to provide quality service to the general masses. The manufacturing is done under the quality measurement standards like WHO and GMP. So, we assure you of the quality products. The products are easily available in the market at an affordable price. Some of the good practices that we have fully embraced are as follow:

  • GMP-WHO units have set up with the latest devices and best equipment to check the friability, consistency, and dissolution of the medicines.
  • We have been conscious of the safety of the drug. Skin is an important part that can build or break your confidence. Thus, we always make sure that pure, effective and 100% safe medicines are being provided to you.
  • We have hired the best and skilled experts who have great knowledge about dermatological drugs.
  • We have a wide distribution network spread in all the directions of India. You will get your parcel within the said time is our assurance.

The prices of each drug are reasonable and you will enjoy a good market with Abigail Healthcare! Connect with our company for more.

We explained the Growth of Derma Medicines in India

The Derma Range in India is rising over the year. India is one of the largest consumers of skincare products along with China. The demand has been soaring high. The derma market takes up a great portion of the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to profit and opportunities. If you are wondering why to become a part of derma market then take a look at the following points:

  1. The demand for skincare medicines is high. It is an effect of the rising of pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and careless behavior of today’s generation who rely on unnatural products.
  2. It also counts the daily essentials like soaps, creams, lotion, sunscreens, etc. The industry covers all ages and genders meeting their frequent demand.
  3. People are getting more and more conscious about their skin which is adding to demand these products.
  4. The rise in pollution affects the protective layer of our body. Daily care has become a necessity.

Locations offered by “Abigail” for Derma Franchise in Haryana

Abigail Healthcare welcomes people from all over north India to be a part of our franchise venture. Our company is offering a PCD franchise in all the un-presented areas. We are giving monopoly rights to the people which will help them have a good business in that location. The allotment will be made on an equal basis and you will enjoy a good scope over time. Our company is offering PCD franchise for Derma Range in all the given districts like:

  1. Rohtak
  2. Ambala
  3. Bhiwani
  4. Faridabad
  5. Hissar
  6. Jind
  7. Kaithal
  8. Karnal
  9. Charkhi Dadri
  10. Gurugram
  11. Jhajjar
  12. Kurukshetra
  13. Panchkula

Start your Venture through Derma Pharma Franchise in Haryana

Our company is searching for new members who are as dedicated and full of conviction. We will be providing good support and better opportunities in Haryana. We have a good vacancy there currently and we are growing our presence. If you become our member, you welcome the following benefits which are as follows:

  1. Attractive range of promotional tools provided by our company.
  2. Better incentive schemes.
  3. Good scope in the market with better growth opportunities.
  4. The return on this business is good as more and more people are getting conscious about their skin.
  5. The investment plans are low and genuine which meets all your requirements and budget.
  6. Achievable target goals.
  7. Products availability all the time.

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Name- Abigail Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

Address- Plot No.160, First Floor, Industrial Area Phase-2, Panchkula, 134113

Contact No. – +91 9855445073, +91 6269063333


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